Tuesday, November 12, 2013

A Great Biography on Theodore Zoli

Considered the engineer of the moment, Theodore Zoli is a bridge builder, lead engineer, and the topic of the article “Theodore Zoli, Genius Bridge Engineer,” by Tom Chiarella. This brief but intimate biography of Zoli reveals a man who sees poetry in building bridges. In the article, Zoli discusses Hart Crane’s long poem “The Bridge,” and explains why it’s not his favorite of Hart’s poems, although most people consider it as Hart’s best work.
In addition to revealing Zoli’s love of poetry, the article sheds light on his love for building bridges. It also goes into what it takes to be a successful engineer and bridge builder today as opposed to generations ago. According to the article, the engineer of the moment must specialize in a special dance between rebuilding on what has been done before and improving ancient strategies of his profession. Zoli comments on why the George Washington Bridge is a good bridge, why the Queensboro Bridge is a bad bridge, and why the Manhattan is just a “so-so bridge.”
Read the entire article: http://www.esquire.com/features/brightest-2010/theodore-zoli-bio-1210

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